More than 80 years providing border services guarantee us

Our philosophy


We guarantee we attend to our customers in person, without annoying intermediary machines. We assimilate their problems and concerns for their deliveries.


We know and assess that time is one of the most appreciate costs in the goods traffic, so reducing these times is our sustained target.


We try to improve every day, we know that the improvement is not a goal but a path.


We always attend all our commitments, as with our customer as with our suppliers.

ADUANAS MERINO SL is a company dedicated to the customs legal advice for more than 80 years, being currently the third generation of a familiar saga, which keeps leading customs services, above all in Seville city, where the head office is located. We have been developing our activity as Qualified Customs Agents to our customers of the most several economic sectors: agri-food, industrial, aeronautical or space. Our wide experience, likewise the professional career of each our employees (all of them trained in the sector), locate us in an optimal place as consultors in external trading and as internationalization travel partners of our customers.


From 2011, and being the first in our sector in Seville, we obtained and maintain the A.E.O. certification by the Tax Agency (nº ESAEOC11000022II), in effect in the whole European Union, which give us, after a wide audit by the Tax Agency of all our procedures, a quality brand internationally recognized as RELIABLE AND SECURE OPERATORS in the international supply chain. And the most important one, the A.E.O. certificate allows facilities and simplifications to our customers in the customs procedures.

Vision and Mission


To provide a customs legal advice and a maximum quality service with which our customers feel satisfied, conforming to their needs through a continuous search for the excellence of the work carried out.


“To be the travel partners of our customers in the internationalization of their companies”

We are Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)